The Irish Catholic – Production, Design, Layout

The Irish Catholic logo


The following list contains some examples of my work as a Freelance Production Journalist with The Irish Catholic newspaper in Dublin.

All the pages in such list have been entirely designed by myself using both InDesign and Photoshop (e.g. to make cut-out pics), in accordance with the publication style and printing requirements.

[Note: the IC is printed by The Irish Times Print Facilities. The PDFs presented are CMYK files intended for print].


The Irish Catholic, 26 February 2015

(The View/Comment Page) 2602IC_11


The Irish Catholic, 5 March 2015

(Family&Lifestlyle Page) 0503IC_26

(Books Double Spread – Left Page) 0503IC_28

(Books Double Spread – Right Page) 0503IC_29


The Irish Catholic, 26 March 2015

(Comment Page)  2603IC_08

(Feature Page) 2603IC_11

(Events Double Spread – Left Page) 2603IC_12

(Event Double Spread – Right Page) 2603IC_13

(Letters page) 2603IC_20

(Family&Lifestyle Cover) 2603IC_23

(The Week in Pictures Page) 2603IC_21

(Family&Lifestyle Double Spread – Left Page) 2603IC_24

(Family&Lifestyle Double Spread – Right Page) 2603IC_25

(Family&Lifestyle Back) 2603IC_26

(Books Double Spread – Left Page) 2603IC_28

(Books Double Spread – Right Page) 2603IC_29


The Irish Catholic, 16 April 2015

(Father Ted Double Spread – Left Page) 1604IC_08

(Father Ted Double Spread – Right Page) 1604IC_09

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