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I am currently Editor-in-Chief of ItalyRivierAlps:

As Editor-in-Chief I managed the editorial team and all content of the website; I produced copy; I made final decisions on the layout and style of the website; I managed social platforms (Twitter and Facebook).

A complete and continuously updated list of articles I wrote myself is available at this link  (please filter by author “Gianluca Avagnina”).


ItalyRivierAlps is the new online newspaper of the geographical and cultural region of the “Alps of the Sea”, which stretches from the Maritime Alps to the Italian and French Riviera.

The RivierAlps region is one of the most essential parts of the Alpine Macro-Region and the Alps-Mediterranean Euroregion: it includes cities as important as Nice, Montecarlo (Monaco), Sanremo, Alassio and Alba.

ItalyRivierAlps continues the work started with Targato CN UK, the English section of Targato CN, the most-read newspaper in the Province of Cuneo.

The newspaper is currently published in three international editions: English, German and Russian.

For more information, please visit:

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